MySchoolBucks has made school payments really easy and convenient, by doing MySchoolBucks Login students can easily pay at cafe or classroom using a smartphone or laptop.

In the current run of day-to-day life it becomes tough at times to look around for kids and their primary educational requirements, MySchoolBucks, on the other hand, works as an invisible parent a child would need at such stages in a school life by providing certain features and facilities to the child to make it easy for both the child and the parents.

With this application, students can also do the transactions with the canteen of the school which becomes an easy job for the parents and makes it even easier for the students and their day-to-day routine.

My School Bucks comes with a fees count so you get an e-invoice about the due fees so you won’t receive a paper memo every time the fees are pending and will be even notified about the low balance in the account of that particular student.

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MySchoolBucks Login: Make School Payments

Starting with the features of this website, it comes with an e-wallet registered to the particular child studying in school with the details of grade he/she is in, with the fees of his/her grades and rest mandatory educational details of the child which the child can carry around with him/her self all the time so when in need the child can use for fulfilling the urgent requirement.

LanguageEnglish, Spanish
UsersSchools & Parents
AppsAndroid, iPhone
Parent CompanyGlobal Payments Inc.

Also, MySchoolBucks can even transact in person so no false payments are done and all it takes to add balance is a parent’s debit card or credit card or any other electric forms of payment to add the balance.

How to enroll for MySchoolBucks?

The steps on how to enroll for the website and get started with your own free registered account.

  1. Open the web browser in case of using a PC or a laptop and visit, in case of using a cellphone you can download the application from google play or app store.
  2. On the web page, you will see the Sign in and Sign up options on the screen.
  3. Click on the Sign-up option and start filling in the basic formalities about yourself.
  4. Answer the security questions for the safety of privacy of your account and the balance in it.
  5. After completing these queries you will be taken to the screen where you will have to choose the school/institution your child studies in and have to fill in the student identification details for the particular student.
  6. The next screen will ask you the amount you want to enter in your child’s account. You can use your debit card, credit card or any other forms of electrical payments to do this transaction.

You can also set a particular amount for automatic deduction per month so the application won’t bother notifying you with due bills and low balance and thus you can join the network of 30,000+ schools all across the United States’ and rest putting the trust and security of the student’s education in My School Bucks.

FAQs about MySchoolBucks

The frequently asked questions from the users answered in a subtle way.


Why choose MySchoolBucks?

  • The website provides with flexibility for parents to pay for the primary educational institution needs of the child just using the forms of any electrical payment.

Can I use mobile phones for payments in my account?

  • There is a free application of this website on Android/IOS platforms that can help you make payments and on a website, you just have to log in with the same ID and password to make payments and it can be done both ways.

How do I get started?

  • Download the MySchoolBucks app or visit the website.
  • Click on sign up to enroll for the account.
  • Enter the necessary details and answer the security questions for the privacy and security of your account.
  • Choose the amount of your choice to open the account with.

Is the account functional for the payments instantly after getting enrolled in?

  • Yes, as soon as the account opens up it is fully functional for the payments to be made for the school fees, meals or any other primary cost.

Problems with MySchoolBucks Login:

Troubles logging in?

  • When you are unable to log in you just have to follow the basic steps after you tap on the Forgot Password option that appears under the login/sign up option.
  • Enter your username that happens to be the Email-ID in most cases and you will receive a reset your password Link on your email or your phone number.
  • Having more trouble and login issues? The website has provided with an assistance number that is 855-832-5226.

Troubles with locating the school/Institution of your child?

  • In most cases when you are having troubles locating the school or institution on the signup screen, it might be because the school might not have tied up with MySchoolBucks yet or for any further assistance, they have provided with a number that is 855-832-5226.

Troubles with locating the student?

  • In such cases you need to verify the name of the student and the date of birth, transcripts, student ID and other necessary details that might be required for the verification of student, make sure the name is spelled as it is spelled on the district file and if still the student is not appearing on the screen than you will need to check with school or district office.

Are my details secure with My School Bucks?

  • Security of the account holder’s details is the priority of Heartland payments so the payments that are made online are totally in surveillance of the Heartland payment services so your details are secured and safe.

MySchoolBucks as a service to the schools or educational institutions and parents to make the routine a little flexible and easier for the students as well, follow and keep these things in mind to enroll for the service.

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