Access Myschoolbucks Meal Account

The Myschoolbucks meal account can be used to view the current balance in the accounts of the students and the payments to be scheduled and can be notified with the low balance.

You can also view cafeteria meal history when you enter the meal account page, with transactions done in the past 90 days. All students that would have been added in your account will be seen here.

The sign at the beginning of the name states something, for example, the round arrow sign means the student has applied for the automatic payment whereas the trophy means the student is the part of the membership program.

Note: The yellow highlighted amount means the balance in the account of that particular student is low.

Steps on how to add balance in the Myschoolbucks meal account.

  • Open your Myschoolbucks account or click here to log into your account.
  • Open your Myschoolbucks meal account to see the credit balance remaining in the account and click on the pay-as-you-go option for $2 transaction fee every time you make a transaction or click on the membership icon for free transactions between 12 months.
  • Add money with any form of electrical payment.

Follow these easy steps to add balance in the myschoolbucks meal account.

Since the payments are handled by heartland payments the website secure.

The following details about Myschoolbucks meal account and how to add balance in it.

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