Adding A Student To New Myschoolbucks Account

Adding a student to new MySchoolBucks account is one of the easiest steps in creating the account. Adding a new student in the current existing account makes the job easier or a parent, it can be easily looked after even if there is more than one student in one account, so we can have more than one students in one account and it can be managed well.

Steps on adding a student to a new MySchoolBucks account.

  • Open your MySchoolBucks account or directly log in or sign up for the free and registered account.
  • Add in all the necessary details required for the account to open.
  • You will be taken to the screen about student’s details, add all the basic details of the student such as the student ID and school name and the grade the student is studying in.
  • Add the amount that you want the account to be credited with.

If due to some reasons you are not able to find your particular student than check all the necessary details you entered for the student and if still the student does not appear then you should cross check with the school if they have registered the student with them.

Follow the above-given steps for adding a student to a new MySchoolBucks account.

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