Guide on How To Change School

Since the service has started the most frequent asked question is How to change school on MySchoolBucks on the website or on the application.

Guide to change school on MySchoolBucks.

  • If your changing / moving to a new a school it automatically shows up in your MySchoolBucks account with the new enrollment details of your particular student.
  • If your student changed school in the same district, the balance will show up as soon as the school year begins.
  • If in some cases the school is in the different district, the balance that was credited previously in the account will get canceled and a new account will be asked to open.

The list of schools listed in the MySchoolBucks services will be provided to the account user so the user knows if the school changed or moved into is listed in the service or not.

If the school is in a different district than the account holder will have to open settings and then search for the district, the school is in and then search for the school of the particular student.

Steps on how to select the district in MySchoolBucks

  • Open your MySchoolBucks account by visiting
  • Go to the account settings.
  • Click on the district selector option at the top of the account settings.
  • Look for the district your student has been moved to/enrolled in.
  • See if the school has been listed in the MySchoolBucks school criteria.

If the school fits in the criteria of the MySchoolBucks services than you will have to credit a new amount because as soon as you change the districts, the amounts that were credited before get canceled and forfeited.

These are the necessary details the account user should know how to change schools in MySchoolBucks.

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