My School Bucks Transaction Fee

The MySchoolBucks transaction fee is the form of a tax of a certain amount that is to be paid to the vendors, the handlers or the authorities in the form of transaction service cost or the transaction fee.

The transaction that is made in the MySchoolBucks application or the website.

Things to know about the MySchoolBucks transaction fee

  • As per transacting any amount online, there is an additional cost being paid to the internet, vendors and to the handlers of the internet.
  • In such online payments getting transacted to the particular account, a particular certain amount is deducted as MySchoolBucks transaction fee.
  • For a one time pay as the transactions get done the amount of $2.50 from the users is collected and the annual pack comes with an amount of $12.95 where you can have as many MySchoolBucks transactions no extra cost would be charged from you, there’s a family pack of $26.95 where there can be as many transactions without any cost for more than one student.
  • None of the charges gets decided by the school or the educational institution, the charges get decided by the vendors and the handlers.


The transaction fee is a one time cost to have the amount credited in the MySchoolBucks account and a note to keep in mind the school does not get any amount to decide as the service cost and does not get any amount from the transaction fee.

The amount that is charged as the My school bucks transaction fee is the cost that is taken for the cost of the service being provided to you by the authorities and dealers in return and no district office is responsible for the MySchoolBucks transaction fee.

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